August 06, 2021

Curlicure Therapy Mist: What is It and When Should I Use It?

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Sick of torturing wild, untamed curls with excessive heat and heavy styling products that never boost your natural tresses? We all know that using a blow-dryer or curling iron is damaging, and most ‘curl-enhancing’ products just weigh hair down or give it crunchy, oily looking strands, but what other choice do we have? We have to manage these messy waves and kinky locks somehow. 

If this sounds like your daily battle, Vicious Curl has the cure—well, the Curlicure. Protect fragile tresses from harsh elements and damaging styling routines with the weightless Curlicure Therapy Mist. Spiked with Magnesium, this spritz promotes stronger hair by sealing the cuticle and tightening the strand helix. Plus, it boasts a unique blend of superfruit botanicals. 

  • Gogi – nutrient-dense, packed with amino acids and high in protein, which promotes stronger tresses.
  • Coffee – concentrated with essential fatty acids and Vitamin E that protect against harmful UV rays and energize hair.
  • Açai – packed with Vitamin C to maintain radiant hair.
  • Noni – chalked full of Vitamin A, C, Iron and Niacin to treat the scalp.

And if that’s not enough to get curls excited, Vicious Curl enriched the formula with Green Tea and Rosemary to prevent hair loss, early graying and dandruff while stimulating hair growth—hello, anti-aging serum for my hair!

Aside from top-notch ingredients, Culicure Therapy Mist has multiple uses, giving you control over curls day after day. 

  1. Add to your washing routine: After shampooing, mist onto damp hair before conditioning for daily damage defense.
  2. Spritz after showering: After conditioning, spray onto damp hair before styling for defined curls.
  3. Revive second day curls: Lightly spritz onto hair to reawaken gravity-stricken waves and skip washing another day.


Toss out those empty-promise products that never deliver and replace them with Curlicure Therapy Mist. This versatile product puts you back in control, and keeps those vicious curls protected at the same time. Browse the Curlicure Therapy Mist and our other styling products here


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